TATA Tiscon TMT Rebar


TATA Tiscon TMT Rebar

Product Description

TATA Tiscon 500 D is a high strength ribbed TMT reinforcement bar. The consistency in strength across the rebar is maintained by reducing the impurities like Sulphur and Phosphorous to a level below 0.075%. ‘500’ refers to the strength of the rebar in MPa and ‘D’ refers to ductility of the rebar. TATA Tiscon 500 D conforms to the latest standards (last revision 2012) set by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).


Buildings and infrastructure in seismic zones have to be better prepared for earthquakes and so have special criteria for reinforcement. TATA Tiscon SD (Super Ductile) high strength ribbed TMT reinforcement bars are particularly suited to meet these requirements. Its superior ductility ensures that it has more pliability and hence, can be bent to a much larger extent. That is, it has a higher threshold of ultimate tensile strength. This is ideal for safety of constructions in frequent earthquake zones.


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